Kuier Signature Candle

R 450.00
Ignite the essence of togetherness with our signature "Kuier" candle, infused with the warm, inviting fragrance of oaky bourbon vanilla, hints of anise, and the subtle spicy sweetness of cassia. This scented beacon is elegantly contained in a frosted ceramic dish complete with a lid, designed not just to diffuse a sense of welcoming but to become a staple in your memory-making moments. Light up the "Kuier Smell" and let it transport you and your guests to times filled with laughter, stories, and the heart-warming feeling of a true South African "Kuier".

Scent: Bourbon Vanilla, Anise and Cassia
Material: Hand Poured Soy Wax with Wooden Wick
Dimensions: Height 10cm Width 8,5cm.
Wax Weight: 250g

Care instructions: For the first burn please ensure that the candle melts all the way to the wall of the container to prevent tunnelling. Please trim wooden wick before every burn