A Book About Bread - Adam Roninson

R 350.00
The Glenwood Bakery, nestled in the heart of Glenwood, Durban, is a beloved café and artisan bakery renowned for its expertly crafted breads and an array of delectable pastries.

Our introduction to this gem was thanks to "Uncle Dave" who was also local resident at that stage, and it was love at first bite.

The bakery's story is beautifully captured in this book by Adam Robinson, the owner, and Roger Jardine, the photographer.

It's a celebration of traditional bread-making, harking back to a time, as Adam Robinson eloquently puts it, when "each local village had its own bakery and baker, where bread was crafted in small batches, hand-shaped, slow-fermented, and hearth-baked." This book goes beyond mere recipes; it's a comprehensive guide, a veritable 'holy grail', for anyone aspiring to bake the perfect loaf, embodying the spirit and passion of true artisanal baking.