Mile 8 - David Higgs

R 595.00
Our following of David Higgs has been nothing short of a culinary adventure. From his early culinary explorations at Rust en Vrede to his notable tenure at the Radisson in Johannesburg, and then leading the culinary team at Restaurant 500, we've been there. Our paths even crossed in France, where we savored wine together while he skillfully catered for Team Qhubeka, South Africa's debut team in the Tour de France.

Back home, David has made a significant mark with his own restaurant ventures, including the ever-popular Marble, a family favorite.

'Mile 8' encapsulates the essence and spirit of this esteemed chef, tracing his journey from his humble origins in Namibia to his current status as a celebrated TV chef. This book is a treasure trove of over 90 dishes and 150 recipes, each reflecting the diverse and vibrant flavors of Southern Africa. Delicacies like Impala Tartare, Snoek & Apricot, Amadumbe & Chakalaka, and a unique twist on the beloved Malva Pudding are just a few of the culinary gems showcased in this beautifully illustrated book.

It's a true reflection of Higgs' remarkable career journey and his influence on the culinary world.