Buddha Bowl | Pecan

R 148.00
The Buddha Bowl’s graceful curves and generous depth lends itself beautifully to a myriad of dishes. Beyond its namesake, the vibrant and veggie-packed Buddha bowl, it's an ideal vessel for refreshing poke bowls, a steaming serving of ramen, or even a hearty spaghetti carbonara, with creamy sauce clinging to every al dente strand. This versatile piece is a must-have for those who relish the joy of eating and the art of presentation.

(Organically round shaped bowl.)

Material: Handmade Ceramic
Finish: Semi-gloss glaze in pecan nut brown.
Dimensions: Diameter 23,5cm. Height 5cm.

Care Instructions: Microwave, Dishwasher and Oven safe. When used in oven please heat it with the oven. Do not insert it into a hot oven from cold.