Kuier Plankie | Medium

R 575.00
Our Kuier Plankie is handcrafted from the finest sustainably harvested oak. Designed with a thoughtfully routed juice trough along the edge, it ensures that all the succulent juices from your braai are captured. Ensuring that the joy of the feast is as much in the presentation as it is in the eating.

Material: Sustainably harvested Oak
Dimensions: Length: 40cm. Width 26cm. Height 1,5cm. (Streight edge and juice trough)

Care Instructions: This item is 100% solid wood. Please handwash only, air dry properly and do not soak or put in a dishwasher. We recommend regular oiling with food-safe mineral oil. Oiling will darken the appearance of the wood, but protect it from moisture. Extreme heat or moisture will negatively affect the stability of the wood.