Nana's Jug | Off-White

R 175.00
Nana's Jug is a charming nod to the past, a small all-purpose jug that carries with it a story as heart-warming as its design. Based on a cherished jug once gifted to our Nana by a dear friend, it's the perfect size for serving milk with your tea or pouring sauces at dinner. This jug is more than a vessel; it's a piece of heritage, crafted to create new memories while honouring old ones.

Material: Handmade Ceramic.
Finish: Glazed in a semi-gloss organic off-white colour.
Dimensions: Diameter 8,5cm. Height 10cm.

Care Instructions: Although dishwasher, microwave and oven safe we do not recommend using this item in either. Handwash to ensure longevity.