Pestle & Mortar | Off-White

R 398.00
This Pestle & Mortar has a robust design that feels reassuringly sturdy in hand, this kitchen essential ensures a grounded and effective grinding experience.

The unglazed interior of the mortar and the base of the pestle are intentionally textured, enhancing the friction and making it ideal for grinding spices into vibrant powders or crushing herbs into aromatic pastes.

Material: Handmade Ceramic - Terracotta clay
Finish: Glazed in satin matt off-white with distinct speckle in darker oatmeal colour.
Dimensions: Diameter 13cm. Height 9cm.

Care Instructions: Due to the unglazed terracotta, please handwash and let it air dry properly. Not recommended for dishwashers and cannot be used in oven or microwave.