Spreader - White | Oak

R 125.00
Crafted from sustainably sourced wood, our Spreader is the perfect companion for your morning toast ritual. With a smooth, curved edge designed for effortless spreading, it ensures your butter is evenly distributed for a perfect bite every time. This spreader isn't just a tool, it's a slice of the good life, ideal for those who cherish the simple joys of a well-prepared breakfast. Pairs well with our charming French Butter Bell.

Material: Sustainably harvested Oak with white detail.
Dimensions: Length 16cm. Width 3,5cm. Height 1cm

Care Instructions: This item is 100% solid wood. Please handwash only, air dry properly and do not soak or put in a dishwasher. We recommend regular oiling with food-safe mineral oil. Oiling will darken the appearance of the wood, but protect it from moisture. moisture. Extreme heat or moisture will negatively affect the stability of the wood.